DevOps Engineer

We are looking for a DevOps candidate who will be working in a highly collaborative environment with the engineering and development team to create high-quality software and seamless release of our client’s code.

  • Responsibilities:
  • Meeting with project managers to determine needs.
  • Assist with the planning and execution of projects utilising these platforms
  • Assist with requirement gathering, development, testing and deployment of projects
  • Developing customized solutions. Designing, coding, and implementing applications.
  • Ensure that all projects and development work undertaken adhere to the IT controls set out by the organisation.
  • Creating timelines and development goals.
  • Strong experience working with Azure policies through ARM templates, & Kubernetes.
  • Experience working with Azure lighthouse, azure Firewall, & service now.
  • Commercial experience working as an Azure Infrastructure Engineer: design, develop, and maintain infrastructure and various Azure services.
  • Expected to understand the Azure services and apply best practices.
  • Understanding of Azure Cloud Adoption Framework and Azure Lighthouse.
  • Able to use a CI/CD pipelines to deploy applications on Azure
  • Able to work on Compute services such as EC2, Lambda, AWS Batch, Elastic Beanstalk, EC2 Image Builder, Auto scaling groups, EIPs, Security groups, Launch templates, Load balancers-CLB, ALB, NLB.
  • Testing the stability and functionality of the application.
  • Troubleshooting and fixing bugs.
  • Writing documents and providing technical training for End Users.
  • Maintaining the security and integrity of the application software.
  • AWS networking includes VPC, subnets, internet gateway, NAT gateway, route tables, route53 private zones, NACL, SG, VPC peering, VPC endpoints, VPC flow logs, VPN, VPN gateway, Direct connect, Direct connect gateway.
  • Choosing optimal storage solution based on the criteria using the storage services like S3, EFS, FSx, FSx Lustre, S3 Glacier, Storage Gateway, AWS Backup, EBS,
  • Cluster creation – Creating clusters using kubeadm, kops, EKS, SAP gardner.
  • Containerizing applciations with Kubernetes or Docker, configuring YAMLs for all kubernetes objects and deploying on Kubernetes clusters.
  • Scheduling workloads – Deployments, ReplicationControllers, ReplicaSets, StatefulSets, DaemonSets, Services, Ingress, Configmaps and Secrets, Namespaces, Labels and Selectors, Node selectors and Node Affinity, Pod selectors and pod affinity, Taints and Tolerations, Resource limits, Static pods, Multi container pods, Init contain
  • Key Skills :
  • Building both IaaS and PaaS platforms using Terraform
  • Azure Cloud Services
  • Azure DevOps – CI/CD pipelines
  • Building custom VM images using Packer
  • Experience with Scripting languages (Bash, PowerShell etc.)
  • Experience with configuration management (Ansible, PowerShell DSC etc.)
  • Experience with end-to-end testing leveraging automation including load testing
  • Containerization – Docker Swarm and/or Kubernetes
  • Azure Networking
  • Knowledge of Log Analytics, Microsoft Security Center and Sentinel would be an advantage
Job Category: Developer
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: UK
Salary: £33k/Yr
Experience: 3-5yr's

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